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Private Residence in Rancho Mirage

rancho mirage kitchen

Custom cast glass kitchen island and backsplash

The famous high desert enclaves of Southern California have always been a hotbed of innovative architecture, mid century modern style, and outstanding interior design. Historically speaking, Palm Springs and then Palm Desert set the mark early on during the post war era, and more recently Rancho Mirage and La Quinta have developed into bastions of fine taste and refined sensibilities. 

Art glass can be cool or warm, smooth or irregular, shiny or subtle, brash or understated. It delivers an unmatched combination of style and durability, and it can convey a wide spectrum of moods, emotions, and aesthetics.

Perhaps it's the common base element of silica in both sand and glass that makes custom art glass such a perfect medium for artistic expression in desert settings. And when you come to realize that etching glass is just throwing a whole lot of little pieces of glass (sand) very forcefully at another quite larger and much nicer looking piece of glass, albeit in a very controlled way, it all starts to make sense!

From etched glass artworks depicting desert wildflowers, to a sandblasted desert wildlife scene, or slumped glass panels that evoke a stunning desert sunset, the opportunities to enhance the ambiance of the desert lifestyle with our art glass are almost endless.

It's no surprise then that art glass is one of the featured media in the Palm Springs Art Museum. As the 20th century passed its mid point, the low slung and rustic ranch style homes of the early western United States evolved into sleek, modern pantheons to light and minimalism, and this look required glass - and lots of it!

But plain plate glass has its own drawbacks, including:

  • glare from bright sunlight
  • a tendency to show fingerprints
  • potential to become boring if over utilized
  • privacy concerns

This is where custom cast art glass really starts to shine.* Thinking of a custom cast wall or room divider with frosted glass accents for your entryway or dining room?  We can do that!

Maybe a 3 carved frameless shower enclosure? No problem, we have created many styles from simple to highly stylized!

Or perhaps matching thick glass countertops, dining room table, and kitchen island? We love custom design jobs, they are our specialty!

Whatever your dreams are for your desert oasis, bring them to us and let's talk!




*Pun intended!