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There may be no better application for custom art glass than baths and showers, including thick glass and/or ColorFuse glass for countertops, and slumped and/or etched glass for windows, shower stalls, and backsplashes.

Beauty and Privacy

Budget conscious builders often settle for simple frosted glass in bathroom windows, shower stalls, etc., but for a more peaceful and enjoyable setting, it's hard to beat custom art glass. Nothing can create a more tranquil and inviting atmosphere than one-of-a-kind custom art glass.

Common themes include natural settings including beach scenes, waves, birds, and sea life, but really the possibilities are limited only by your imagination!

Artistic and Architectural Flexibility

Because each piece of custom glass we produce is manufactured specifically to your design requirements, we are able to create something that is uniquely tailored to your space and your design ethos.

Awkward space configurations can be transformed with the proper implementation of glass, opening up otherwise cramped or visually unappealing spaces, as well as bringing new life to yesterday's tired old designs.

With our manufacturing capabilities thanks to our in-house slumping and casting facility, and with further details possible, including ColorFuse technology and sandblasting/etching, we can manufacture something that is truly unique and sure to stand the test of time.

How DURABLE is glass?

Believe it or not, glass is much more durable than granites and synthetic countertops. It is a harder, denser material that scratches and chips less. Textures and colors in the glass make small scratches nearly invisible, if they should occur. There is also NO change in appearance or durability over time!

Hygiene & Cleaning

Glass is a non-porous material, making it the most hygienic material available for countertops. This is also why glass is stain proof. Fingerprints and watermarks are also nearly invisible when the glass includes textures and/or colors. It is recommended to towel dry any wet areas to eliminate watermarks and streaking. The surface can be cleaned with a sponge (do not use abrasive side) or towel. Window cleaner and paper towels are preferred for optimum shine. Certain cleaners have been known to have chemicals that cause a haze and are not recommended to be used.

Give us a call today with your ideas and we will help make them a reality!