Since we first introduced our line of glass flooring it has become a very popular product, and other manufacturers have entered the market.  

But with us, safety for the customer comes first. Other manufacturers that offer glass treads and flooring offer annealed glass laminated together or in some cases just thick annealed glass.  Although the laminated glass qualifies as safety glass, Gomolka Design Studio goes the extra step to temper and laminate our flooring products, creating a safer and much stronger product.

All of the flooring is finished with our unique Glasstraction non slip surface. Glasstraction leaves a beautiful shiny surface unlike competitors who use frits as a non slip surface. Like all our other products, the glass flooring is U.S.A. made right here in our facility in Carlsbad, California.

Most of our competitors purchase their products from China and other countries overseas. At GDS we are committed to supplying excellence, and do not trust that other companies have safety as their number one concern.

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