Antiqued Mirror Glass Tiles and Panels For That Vintage Mirror Look

Antiqued Mirror Glass Tiles and Panels For That Vintage Mirror Look

Old world charm that blends perfectly with modern touches to brighten any room with style.
Antique mirror glass by Experience Glass, Carlsbad, California

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Antique Mirror Glass is a modern technique which simulates the faint cracks and blotches of a vintage mirror, creating a classic old world style reminscent of centuries past.

If you have ever marveled at the fascinating patterns of the aged reflective surface of a very old mirror that has been distressed by years of use and exposure, you have a good idea of the antique mirror glass we can reproduce using modern processes. From smaller pieces or tiles to large scale wall mounted or horizontal surface pieces, the antique mirror look that we create will evoke that special enchanting look of days past. This process softens the reflection of light to create a pleasant, elegant ambiance that is easy on the eyes.

Most wall mounted applications are made with thinner glass, but thicker glass can also be used for countertops and other surfaces. Options include etching and sandblasting, cutouts for electrical outlets or other fixtures, and custom shapes for one-off applications. reduces grout and joint lines and it can easily be squeegeed clean

The following excerpts from Wikipedia offer some illuminating background on the history of mirror production and give some valuable insights into the kinds of looks we can reproduce using modern glass production techniques:

"The earliest manufactured mirrors were pieces of polished stone such as obsidian, a naturally occurring volcanic glass... Mirrors of polished copper were crafted in Mesopotamia from 4000 BC, and in ancient Egypt from around 3000 BC. Polished stone mirrors from Central and South America date from around 2000 BC onwards. In China, bronze mirrors were manufactured from around 2000 BC...

"The method of making mirrors out of plate glass was invented by 13th-century Venetian glassmakers on the island of Murano, who covered the back of the glass with mercury, obtaining near-perfect and undistorted reflection. For over one hundred years, Venetian mirrors installed in richly decorated frames served as luxury decorations for palaces throughout Europe...

"The invention of the silvered-glass mirror is credited to German chemist Justus von Liebig in 1835. His process involved the deposition of a thin layer of metallic silver onto glass through the chemical reduction of silver nitrate. This silvering process was adapted for mass manufacturing and led to the greater availability of affordable mirrors. In the modern age, mirrors are often produced by the wet deposition of silver (or sometimes aluminum via vacuum deposition) directly onto the glass substrate."

One of the more interesting processes used throughout history for mirror production is what is known as "cylinder glass", where the glass is first blown in a very large cylindrical shape and then cut into curved panes. These panes are then reheated and flattened, which allows for much larger panes with a higher quality surface area than can be created in single broad sheets. The resulting larger panes reduce grout and joint lines and make cleanup easier with a squeegee or other common glass cleaning products.

The reflective material is then bonded to the back side of the glass to recreate the mirror effect, mimicking the old bronze, copper, obsidian, or metallic silver processes described above. We can replicate this look right here in our factory by varying the uniformity of these various types of metallic deposits.

Some of the eye catching looks we can repdroduce go by the terms "wavy glass", "carnival glass", "depression glass", and "elegant glass", all of which evoke an art deco style that is perfectly suited for Craftsman homes, old Spanish style buildings, or any setting where a vintage or antique glass mirror look is desired.

The antique mirror glass motif looks great in a number of applications, including:

  • a kitchen or bath backsplash
  • entryways and foyers
  • entertainment centers
  • visually enlarging small spaces such as dressing rooms, closets, and laundry rooms
  • cabinet door inserts
  • restaurant walls and waiting areas
  • in a business entrance or lobby

Antique Mirror Glass is a new technique which we are excited to offer. Anything from small cracks to large blotches and splotches in various shades and colors are possible. For more information please contact our office. We would love to create something special for you!