The applications for our custom art glass range from functional and practical to purely artistic, and everything in between.

cast glass door by Experience Glass

Custom Art Glass Designs for Doors, Gates and Entryways

Utilizing custom art glass for doors, gates, and entryways allows a designer to blend beauty and functionality by allowing ambient light to pass through while maintaining a measure of security and privacy. Our ability to use a combination of processes including casting, slumping, etching, and sandblasting lets us create stunning art glass pieces that are custom tailored to your setting and your needs.

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Custom Glass Room Dividers and Wall Partitions | Experience Glass

Glass Room Dividers Open Up and Beautify Any Space

If you are looking to divide any space without creating a more cramped feeling, a glass room divider may be just what you need.

Rather than building solid walls that shrink the size of the newly divided rooms and require separate light sources, a more enlightened solution is to use glass partitions to divide a larger space into separate spaces that still feel... spacious. And we offer you the added benefit of choosing from nearly any artistic vision you can imagine!

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custom glass outdoor memorial by Experience Glass

We Are Experts at Creating Glass Signs, Memorials, Kiosks, and Other Outdoor Displays

Our custom made glass products are perfect for long lasting signage, memorials, information kiosks, public art, and outdoor displays of all types. Glass is extremely durable when it comes to ultraviolet exposure, color retention, and scratch resistance. A custom made glass installation will keep its great looks for many years, long after other materials have noticeably deteriorated.

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custom cast glass backsplash by Experience Glass

We Can Manufacturer a One-of-a-Kind Glass Backsplash for Your Kitchen, Bar Back Panel or Bathroom Backsplash to Your Specs

A glass backsplash is the perfect use for custom made glass because it's durable, visually stunning, and easy to clean and maintain. In fact any vertical wall application can look great with a custom glass panel - the options are limited only by your imagination!

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custom cast thick glass countertops for kitchen and bath by Experience Glass

Why Glass?

Over the years our company has produced thousands of unique solid glass countertops for kitchens, bar tops, bathroom sink surrounds and glass top kitchen islands, often incorporating ColorFuse glass for a seemingly infinite variety of colors, patterns, shapes, and textures. We view every new project as an opportunity to create something distinctive and exciting.

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tempered glass flooring by Experience Glass

First, a Little History of Glass Flooring

Although often associated with high altitude tourist attractions, glass flooring for both residential and commercial structures is becoming very popular. It is sometimes made with solid or hollow glass blocks known as "glass pavers" or “glass tiles” within a metal framework. Many glass floors are lit from below with natural or artificial light, creating dynamic effects.

Glass stair treads typically utilize similar manufacturing and construction techniques for all manner of glass stairwells, glass stairways, and glass staircases.

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Quality, Fit, and Finish

We manufacture only the highest quality cast glass stair railings for stairways & staircases, including frameless tempered glass balustrades for use at poolside, along walkways, and bordering escalators. We can design them with or without handrails, in a variety of glass shapes, colors and textures.

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custom cast glass shower stall by Experience Glass

There may be no better application for custom art glass than to enclose bathtubs and shower stalls using slumped and/or etched glass, especially when combined with custom made windows, countertops, sink surrounds, and/or a custom glass backsplash.

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