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GDS Colorfuse™ glass is a proprietary product created by Greg Gomolka in the year 2002. With many glass experts suggesting what cannot be done his creative mind could not let go of his idea. With the help of a large hotel chain order who saw what he was trying to create he was able to fine tune this product into what it is today.

So what is Colorfuse™? It is a combination of glass fusing, casting and painting. The colorants used are made of 100% glass, but it’s the secret ingredients that create the interesting bubbles, iridescent sparkles and other beautiful affects that even a great photo cannot show.

What is Colorfuse™ used for? It has been used for anything you can imagine such as partition walls, wall coverings (such as shower walls), flooring, countertops (including kitchen and commercial bars).

GDS Colorfuse™ is available in 5 color palette options such as BLUE RIVER, OCEANIC BLUE, AMBER PASSION, EMERALD and AQUA GOLD or can be ordered in sole colors such as COBALT BLUE, LIGHT BLUE, TURQUOISE, GREEN, YELLOW, AMBER and ROSE (purple).

Each color has its unique look and different size bubbles due to the effect of the colors mixing with the metals during the fusing process.

Examples of our Colorfuse™ Glass

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