Custom Architectural Art Glass Products

Whether it's a custom countertop, glass flooring, a kitchen backsplash, or a custom shower stall, we are experts at a number of production techniques that enable us to transform your ideas into reality. Click any image below to learn more.

The striking looks of the thick glass produced by the Gomolka Design Studio are guaranteed to leave a lasting first impression. 

But beyond that, each and every piece of GDS custom art glass also delivers in durability (compared for example to granite, with all of the natural structural flaws that create its unique patterns) and practicality (its smooth surface is quite easy to keep clean).

Slumped glass, most commonly known as “cast glass” because it shares similarities with glass casting process, is in actuality a thermoformed fused glass. Textures, patterns and custom designs are kiln-formed through heating at 1,099–1,251 °F, and then "slumping" the glass panels onto or over a mold.

GDS Colorfuse™ glass is a proprietary product created by Greg Gomolka in the year 2002. While many glass experts were suggesting that it could not be done, Greg's creative mind could not let go of his idea to create this exciting new process. With the help of an order from a large hotel chain with the vision to see what was possible, he was able to fine tune the Colorfuse™ process into what it is today.

Sample Styles of Etching and Sandblasting Art Glass at Experience Glass, Carlsbad, California
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Sandblasted glass offers a unique and highly customizable look while simultaneously being able to provide privacy and beauty to any setting. The techniques themselves can be performed in a number of ways to create art on the surface of glass.

PermaCoat and MetalliCoat are durable color finishes for our standard glass or cast/slumped glass textures, for almost any color palette from subtle to vibrant.

PermaCoat is available as an additional feature for many applications, and is offered on standard glass or any of the cast/slump glass textures.

Antique mirror glass by Experience Glass, Carlsbad, California

Antique Mirror is a modern technique which simulates the faint cracks and blotches of a vintage mirror, creating a classic old world style reminscent of centuries past.