Sandblasted and Etched Glass Designs for Doors, Windows, Signage, Room Dividers, and More

Sandblasted and Etched Glass Designs for Doors, Windows, Signage, Room Dividers, and More

Abstract and figurative designs custom created to your specifications, for residential and commercial applications including windows, signage, shower stalls, and more.

Sandblasted Glass and Etched Glass Designs by Experience Glass

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Sandblasted Glass with Blasted Abrasive Patterns and Designs on Anything Glass

There are a number of abrasive techniques that can be performed to create art on the surface of an existing piece of glass, whether it be plain plate glass or our custom slumped or cast glass.

Sandblasted glass and/or etched glass can add beauty and privacy to any setting, using pre-cut masks that can produce intricately detailed figures and patterns, and glass carving can be done for deeper effects.

Sandblasted Glass and Etched Glass Designs by Experience Glass
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It all starts with a plan

Each sandblasting or etching job begins with a detailed schematic of the finished project. From there, this image is converted to a full size "mask" which gets transferred to the surface of the glass, where it is held securely in place while the blasting or etching is being done. The finished look is then revealed when the mask is removed.

An example of this is shown to the right, where we created a beautiful mermaid motif on a large sandblasted glass panel. The finished product was one of our all time favorites, and it is featured in the gallery on this page where you can see the end result in full screen view by clicking the thumbnail.

Then the process begins

Sandblasting or etching removes minute amounts of glass, causing the characteristic textured surface and translucent qualities similar to frosted glass. During the process high-pressure air is mixed with an abrasive material and shot at the surface of the glass. This cuts away at the glass surface to create the desired effect. The longer the streams of air and abrasive material are focused in one spot, the deeper the cut, creating an endless number of visual effects.

Sample Styles of Glass Etching and Sandblasted Glass by Experience Glass, Carlsbad, California
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Sandblasted glass and etched glass are available in several styles:

  • 2-tone surface etch
  • 2-tone reverse surface etch
  • detail shading
  • deep carving/stage blasting

Two common applications for sandblasted glass or etched glass are shower stalls and commercial doors and windows. When designing custom shower stalls, any level of privacy desired can be incorporated into the design.

In commercial applications we are often given logos or other artwork to incorporate into the design. This is a fantastic way to promote a business and enhance its atmosphere. The durabilty of sandblasted glass means that the investiment made will be a long lasting one when compared to many other types of signage and decor.

Sandblasted or etched glass is also an excellent choice in sidelites, entryways, porthole windows, on exterior gates, on railings or balustrades, or for any other applicatons where plain glass just isn't good enough.