"Stunning.” “Elegant." "Sure to embellish any setting."

These are just a few of the things being said about the one-of-a-kind pieces coming from the Gomolka Design Studio. GDS is a European taught art glass design studio and fabricator located in the heart of Carlsbad, on the beautiful coast of north county San Diego, California. We have been in business since 1983, and though we specialize in cast/slumped glass, we have vast experience in many other methods and techniques. Our glass has multiple applications, from countertops to showers, wall dividers to stairwells, and it can be installed in residential as well as commercial settings.

Need direction? Gomolka Design Studio will work with your thoughts and ideas to design a project of any type - from contemporary to traditional. Combining your inspirations and our “know-how” results in endless possibilities!

Above all, customer service has been the hallmark of the Gomolka Company for its entire existence. Our experienced and knowledgeable sales associates are 100% committed to your project and hold themselves responsible, from concept to delivery. We fully recognize that no customer owes us his or her business, and we look at each project as a new opportunity to justify your confidence in not only our quality, but our services as well. There is no job that is too small nor any too large – from “one-offs” to multiple production runs, we will be here to accommodate your needs.

A quick look at our product line will give you a good idea of our experience and dedication to our craft.

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Thick Glass by Experience Glass, Carlsbad, California

Thick Glass

The striking looks of the thick glass produced by the Gomolka Design Studio are guaranteed to leave a lasting first impression.  But beyond that, each and every piece of GDS custom art glass also d...

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Cast & Slumped Glass by Experience Glass

Cast & Slumped Glass

Cast and Slumped glass is kiln formed glass. This product is custom made and tailored to your needs. Blending creativity and functionality Architects, Interior Designers, Homeowners and Contractors...

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Colorfuse™ Glass by Experience Glass

Colorfuse™ Glass

GDS Colorfuse™ glass is a proprietary product created by Greg Gomolka in the year 2002. With many glass experts suggesting what cannot be done his creative mind could not let go of his idea. With th...

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Sandblasted Glass by Experience Glass

Sandblasted Glass

Sandblasted glass offers an artistic look which can provide privacy and beauty to any setting. GDS offers full and partial sandblast as well as custom designs. Sandblasting is available in several...

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Permacoat™ Glass by Experience Glass

PermaCoat™ Glass

PermaCoat™ is a durable color finish suitable for most applications and is offered on standard glass or any of the cast/slump glass textures. PermaCoat gives our customers a wide variety of custom c...

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Antique Mirror Glass by Experience Glass

Antique Mirror Glass

Antique Mirror glass is a modern technique which creates a vintage look similar to an old mirror, where the reflective surface on the back has started to deteriorate due to age. Antique Mirror is av...

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