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We are Gomolka Design Studio, and making exquisite art glass is what we do.


We have been in business since 1983, and though we specialize in cast/slumped glass, we have vast experience in many other methods and techniques. Our custom art glass has multiple applications, including: doors, skylights, partitions, divider walls, flooring, countertops, islands, and bar tops, backsplash, glass tiles, lighting, shower and bath enclosures, signage, cabinet glass inserts, stair treads, railings, table tops and other furniture, and it can be installed in residential as well as commercial settings.

Our most popular product is slumped glass, most commonly known as “cast glass” because it shares similarities with the glass casting process, is in actuality a thermoformed fused glass. Textures, patterns and custom designs are kiln-formed through heating and then "slumping" the glass panels onto or over a mold.

All of our ceramic molds for shaping glass are made in house, and our textures and patterns are Gomolka Design originals. We can provide architects, interior designers, homeowners and contractors something truly unique and perfect for their space and vision.

Variety is the Spice of Life!

GDS Colorfuse™ glass is a proprietary product created by Greg Gomolka in the year 2002. It is a combination of glass fusing, casting and painting. The colorants used are made of 100% glass, but it’s the secret ingredients that create the interesting bubbles, iridescent sparkles and other beautiful affects that even a great photo cannot show. It has been used for anything you can imagine such as partition walls, wall coverings (such as shower walls), flooring, countertops (including kitchen and commercial bars).

Sandblasted glass can provide a unique look to any type of glass, from custom artistic designs to commercial signage, while simultaneously being able to provide privacy and beauty to any setting. The techniques themselves can be performed in a number of ways to create art on the surface of glass.

Thick glass (meaning any custom glass over 1" in thickness) is most often used horizontally for countertops, bars, islands, tables, and so on, but sometimes in upright positions such as backsplashes, decorative walls or wall dividers, signage, and artworks. It is available in multiple textures, in either Aqua Clear, Crystal Clear color, or our Colorfuse™ glass.

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Gomolka Design Studio

We are a family run company based in Carlsbad, California, designing custom glass products including thick glassslumped, ColorFuse™, sandblasted, and PermaCoat™ glass for architectural, flooring, lighting, walls, wall dividers, stairways, countertops, and more. We market our products under the trade name "Experience Glass", and our extensive list of satisfied clients includes custom home builders, architectural firms, and retail establishments, to name a few.

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Our Glass in a San Diego Beach Villa:

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Thick Glass

Thick glass (meaning any custom glass over 1" in thickness) is most often used horizontally for countertops, bars, islands, tables, and so on, but sometimes in upright positions such as backsplashes...

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Cast & Slumped (Thermoformed Fused) Art Glass

Firing at a slightly higher range of temperatures (1,251–1,350 °F) is considered "tack fusing". Glass that has been fired at a range of high temperatures from 1,350-1,501 °F is calle...

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Colorfuse™ Glass

So what is Colorfuse™? It is a combination of glass fusing, casting and painting. The colorants used are made of 100% glass, but it’s the secret ingredients that create the fascinating bubbles,...

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Sandblasted and Etched Glass

Sandblasting removes minute amounts of glass causing the characteristic rough surface and translucent quality of frosted glass. During the process high-pressure air is mixed with an abrasive materia...

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PermaCoat™ Glass

MetalliCoat is a durable metallic colored coating that is offered in a limited color palette, sometimes using multiple colors to accentuate the textures in the glass.  PermaCoat gives our cust...

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Antique mirror glass by Experience Glass, Carlsbad, California

Antique Mirror Glass

If you have ever marveled at the fascinating patterns of the aged reflective surface of a very old mirror, you have a good idea of what we can reproduce using modern processes. From s...

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Gomolka Design / Experience Glass are a family run business with a proud tradition of excellence.

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