Custom Glass Backsplash Panels for Residential and Commercial Kitchens, Bars, & Baths

Custom Glass Backsplash Panels for Residential and Commercial Kitchens, Bars, & Baths

Choose a custom glass backsplash for its inherent beauty and the easiest to clean surface available

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We Can Manufacturer a One-of-a-Kind Glass Backsplash for Your Kitchen, Bar Back Panel or Bathroom Backsplash to Your Specs

A glass backsplash is the perfect use for custom made glass because it's durable, visually stunning, and easy to clean and maintain. In fact any vertical wall application can look great with a custom glass panel - the options are limited only by your imagination!

Like many companies we offer glass tile for kitchen and bath applications, and it makes an excellent choice for its durability and light reflecting properties. But for the ultimate in design options, we can create a custom solid glass backsplash in one single glass panel or several integrated panels - and the larger the surface area, the easier it is to clean and maintain. A tile backsplash is much more difficult to keep clean with grout joints between the tiles.

We can even design panels for irregular wall surfaces such as curved walls or odd angles. The possibilities are nearly endless!

The reflective shine of a glass backsplash can make your kitchen, bar, bathroom, or laundry room feel more open and airy thanks to the light reflecting throughout the space. You can choose slick glass that emphasizes straight lines and open, clean spaces, or a combination of rugged slate or earthy travertine interspersed with hints of glittering glass.

If you want bold color choices like stark whites or deep burgundies, a glass backsplash made from panels or tile provides a solution not otherwise available from natural stone, ceramic, or metal mosaic tiles. It pairs beautifully with any combination of cabinetry from white to espresso to black, and every shade in between. Your choices for an eye-catching glass backsplash or wall panel include slumped glass, ColorFuse™ glass, and etched or sandblasted glass.

A Glass Backsplash Means Long Lasting Beauty and Easy Maintenance

While a glass backsplash or wall panel can be as subtle or brash as your heart desires, they don’t have to require constant maintenance on your part. Glass wipes clean quickly with just a few swipes of a relatively damp rag, keeping it pristine for the lifespan of your kitchen, bar, or bath, and it holds up extremely well under the wear and tear of daily use.

Because a glass backsplash is water and stain resistant and handles exposure to heat very well, it’s perfect for commercial kitchens too, where chefs tend to make a mess as they scramble to prepare meals. These factors make it the perfect choice for both the homeowner and the restaurateur.

A glass backsplash or wall panel can also make a well-lit kitchen, bar, bath, or laundry room space appear larger than it really is, which is has the effect of making small spaces appear more open. The increase in reflection and refraction of light will emphasize the openness of the space, bringing visual expanse to areas that may have previously seemed dark and uninviting.

Call or write to us with your ideas for your own custom glass backsplash or wall panel. We love to talk glass!