Custom Cast and Slumped Glass for Wall Panels, Backsplash, Room Dividers, Windows, and More

Custom Cast and Slumped Glass for Wall Panels, Backsplash, Room Dividers, Windows, and More

Custom made to your specifications right here in our Carlsbad factory for residential and commercial applications.

Slumped Glass and Cast Glass by Experience Glass, San Diego, California

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Cast Glass or Slumped Glass, the Applications are Nearly Endless

Slumped glass (or just "slump glass"), most commonly known as “cast glass” because it shares similarities with glass casting process, is in actuality a thermoformed fused glass. Textures, patterns and custom designs are kiln-formed through heating at 1,099–1,251 °F, and then "slumping" the glass panels onto or over a mold.

Firing at a slightly higher range of temperatures (approximately 1300 degrees °F) is considered "tack fusing".

Glass that has been fired at a range of high temperatures from 1,350-1,501 °F is called fused glass, also known as a "full fuse". All of these techniques can be applied to one cast glass or slumped glass work in separate firings to add depth, relief and shape. To produce a custom piece of cast glass or slumped glass, the glass is cut to dimensions that approximate the shape of the mold and then placed on top of it before the kiln is heated.

The kiln temperature typically starts to climb at quite a rapid rate until the glass is in a flexible "orange state", at which point gravity will allow the glass to slump into the mold (hence the name "slumped glass"). The peak temperature is then held constant for what is known as the "soak". The kiln is then allowed to cool slowly so that the finished piece can anneal before it is removed from the kiln at room temperature.

When more than one color of glass are used in the same piece, they must have the same CoE (Coefficient of Thermal Expansion) to prevent fractures caused by the glass shrinking at differing rates. Use of proper materials, firing schedule, and setup allows cooling to remain uniform, and ensures that no tension builds up as the slumped glass cools.

All of our ceramic molds for shaping cast glass or slumped glass are made in house, and our textures and patterns are Gomolka Design originals. We specialize in custom slumped glass designs, created by us or by others, to fit your needs and specifications. By blending creativity and functionality, we can provide architects, interior designers, homeowners and contractors something truly unique and perfect for their space and vision.

Cast/Slumped glass is suitable for both commercial and residential use, and can be used in both interior and exterior applications. Custom glass panels are often combined with stainless steel for a sleek, modern look.

Popular applications include but are not limited to: glass window panels, doors, skylights, partitions, divider walls, flooring, countertops and bar tops, backsplash, glass tiles, lighting, shower and bath enclosures, signage, cabinet glass inserts, stair treads, railings, table tops and furniture.

Our Permacoat can be applied to any cast or slumped glass design.

For more information please contact one of our trained specialists.


Size: Our maximum size of cast glass is 80" x 120”. For larger sizes please contact our office.

Thickness: Available from 1/8" up to 1". For cast glass or slumped glass thicker than 1" see our thick glass page, and please note that glass 1" or thicker cannot be tempered.

Colors: The standard tints available are Arctic Blue, Azurelite, Blue-Green, Bronze, Clear, Crystal Clear, Evergreen, and Grey, with Ford Blue, Peach, & Starphire upon availability. Thicknesses in tinted glass are subject to availabilities. Any cast glass or slumped glass in custom colors, transparent or opaque, are available upon request and in any available thickness.

Examples of the Colors Available for Our Slumped or Cast Glass:

  • Crystal Clear
  • Bronze
  • Arctic Blue
  • Evergreen
  • Clear
  • Blue-Green
  • Azurlite
  • Grey


Textures Available for Our Slumped or Cast Glass: