Custom Glass Countertops, Islands, Tabletops, & Bars

Over the years we have produced thousands of unique custom glass countertops, islands, bars, and tabletops, using thick glass, ColorFuse glass, and slumped glass, in a seemingly infinite variety of colors, patterns, shapes, and textures, and yet we still view every new project as an opportunity to create something special.

Why Glass?

Are you looking for a breathtaking, high-end appearance? Are you looking to make your home or office distinguished and stand out from other common countertop materials? The beauty of glass and its transparency is guaranteed to bring sophistication and functionality. Along with our ability to fully customize to your needs, a glass countertop is a fitting choice.

But isn't glass FRAGILE?

It’s a common misconception is that glass is fragile and breaks easy. This most likely stems from the early days when glass was first used in windows, mirrors, etc. However with advancements in manufacturing the truth is, granite and glass have very similar properties.

Evidentially, in most cases glass is actually stronger than granite or stone as it is a much denser material. Imagine a slab of granite at a quarter (¼”) inch thick. It would break with significantly less force, than ¼” glass. This is due to the pores, veins, and imperfections in the stone. Now if you imagine the glass at 1″ – 3″ thick, you’ll end up with quite a substantial piece of material. Countertops with 3/4″ or less thickness can be tempered to harden the surface, creating a safer, stronger piece.

How DURABLE is glass?

Believe it or not, glass is much more durable than granites and synthetic countertops. It is a harder, denser material that scratches and chips less. Textures and colors in the glass make small scratches nearly invisible, if they should occur. There is also NO change in appearance or durability over time!

Looking around today, you can find there are still churches and cathedrals standing with original glass windows! Some of which even date back over one thousand years. These windows have withstood the test of time with little aging. If you would break a one thousand year old piece of glass it would break exactly like a similar piece of glass from today.

Hot Cookware

Hot cookware can be placed on its surface, although we do recommend using hotplates for safety.

Cutting on glass

Cutting on glass is possible although we recommend using cutting boards to save and maintain longevity of your cutlery. Glass is actually a much more sanitary surface than most wood or plastic cutting boards!

Hygiene & Cleaning

Glass is a non-porous material making it the most hygienic material available for countertops. This is also why glass is stain proof. Fingerprints and watermarks are also nearly invisible due to the textures and/or colors. It is recommended to towel dry to eliminate watermarks and streaking. The surface can be cleaned with a sponge (do not use abrasive side) or towel. Window cleaner and paper towels are preferred after for optimum shine. Certain cleaners have been known to have chemicals that cause a haze and are not recommended to be used.

Give us a call today with your ideas and we will help make them a reality!