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Open Up and Beautify Any Space

If you are looking to divide any space without creating a more cramped feeling, a custom glass wall divider may be just what you need.

Rather than building walls that shrink the size of the newly divided rooms and require separate light sources, a better solution is to use custom partitions to divide a single space into smaller spaces that still feel... spacious!

Unique Patterns and Textures Filled with Light

If you don't want your space to bore people to tears, you should consider the attractive options available with a custom glass wall divider:
  • Etching and sandblasting any designs you wish on the glass
  • Our custom on-site mold making capabilities offer you unlimited pattern and design options using slumped or cast glass
  • Color options include everything from standard clear glass to any color you can imagine
  • For extra flair, we can use our proprietary ColorFuse™ glass

Call or write to us with your ideas for your own custom room divider or wall partition. We love to talk glass!

Slumped, Cast, Fused & Sandblasted Art Glass for Room Dividers and Partitions: